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Burgundy, Gold, Black, Red Brie Mille Lacs Flavored Cheese Spread Northwood Cheese Bars
Comfort Collection Brie Flavored Processed Cheese SpreadMille Lacs Flavored Cheese Spread (non-perishable-3.75 oz.)Northwood Cheese Bars- 7 oz. bar processed cheese

Creamy Classic and Non Perishable Brie Processed Cheese spread--3.75 oz package. Great for adding an upscale touch, and can be shipped!

One colorful and tasty boxed Non-perishable cheese spread to include in your basket. From Mille Lac. 3.75 ounce container. Flavors: Havarti Dill, Roasted Garlic, Spanish Olive

7 ounce portion of processed creamy Garden Vegetable, Onion and Chive, or Chipolte--non-perishable, so suitable for shipped baskets. Remember to add crackers!




Summer Sausage from Mille Lac Southern Pimento Cheese Spread Carpentiers Chicken Salad
Assorted 6 oz. Sausages from Mille LacsSouthern Pimento Cheese SpreadCarpentier's Famous Chicken Salad

A tangy little addition to the high protein gift basket! A big 6 oz. in assorted flavors

A lot of southern children would have missed meals without this favorite food. Rich and flavorful! $8.95/pound. NEEDS REFRIGERATION- not suitable for shipped baskets...Made totally from scratch everyday. Creamy and sweet with grapes and walnuts. $9.95 per pound-- select size from "options" menu. NEEDS REFRIGERATION- not suitable for shipped baskets...




Tomato Pie Gouda Creamy Brie Cheese
Southern Tomato Pie Gouda CheeseCreamy Brie Cheese
Think Pizza in a pie crust-- yum! Large feeds a family of 4, and small is great for a couple. NEEDS REFRIGERATION- not suitable for shipped baskets...Creamy Classic -- 4 oz.-- Perishable but ok for locally delivered baskets

Creamy Classic Brie Cheese--Perishable but ok for locally delivered baskets. 4 oz.