"Beach Bunny" Easter Basket

Bunnies and the Beach... How sweet!

1 Praline Pecans from River Street Sweets,

1 Salt Water Taffy from We R Sweetz,

2 Madelaine Chocolate Egg Pops,

4 Madelaine Chocolate Squatty Rabbit,

2 Jelly Belly 20 Flavors Box,

2 Canipes Chocolate Beach Turtle Pralines,

2 Chocolate Sand Dollars,

1 Razzberry Sassies,

2 Chocolate Starfish,

1 Rainbow Row Trail Mix,

1 Key Lime Cookies from Olde Colony Bakery 1 bag J&M chocolate Chip Cookies.

Packaged in a White Wicker Basket with a Spring Bow. Add a bottle of wine or beer for an additional charge.

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Price $90.00
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