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Jerusalem Artichoke Relish Pickled Okra ( Oloves Tasty Mediterranean Olives
Jerusalem Artichoke Relish (16 Oz. Jar)Pickled Okra (16 Oz. Jar)Oloves Tasty Mediterranean Olives

This has been a staple of the lowcountry for generations and is continued to be produced according to the original recipe. It is fantastic on just about everything as a condiment or served by itself for dipping.

Enjoy a little taste of summer all year.   Use these in Bloddy Marys instead of Celery for some added zing!

Red, Dark Green, Olive Green, Burgundy. Pitted green olives with basil and garlic. Healthy alternative snack with no preservatives. Low in calories.




Spanish Olives stuffed with Pimento 2 oz.
Spanish Olives

Spanish Margaritta olives stuffed with pimentos.