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Bring on the Bling "Big Breath of Spring" Gift Basket Charleston Bath Works Sugar Scrub
"Bring on the Bling" Basket"Big Breath of Spring" Gift Basket"Follow Your Folly" Sugar Scrub from Charleston Bath Works
1 Laura Secord Fudge Duo Pack 1 Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocolate Truffles 1 Buttery on Main Choc Chip Cookies 1 Los Olivos Wine and Cheese Biscuits 1 Truffettes de France Truffles Tote (.5 oz.) 1 Pirouline Chocolate Cream Filled Wafers 1 Mille...1 Big Bag of Lindor Assorted Truffles 1 Pirouline Chocolate Wafers 2 Old Colony Cookies 1 Sofia's Chocolate Chip Cookies 1 Olde Dominion Peanut Brittle 1 Wine and Cheese Biscuits from Los Olivos 1 Focaccia Tuscan Crisps 1 Dipping Pretzels from...

Handmade and all natural Sugar Scrub inspired by the scents of the Low Country and artfully made by Shelby Lee of Charleston Bath Works.




Itty Bitty Pretty Basket Tisket/Tasket Pastel Basket Charleston Bath Works Tinned Candles
"Itty Bitty Pretty" Gift Basket "Tisket/Tasket" Pastel BasketTinned Soy Candles from Charleston Bath Works
Small pastel woodchip container--Big Impact for Spring, Easter, New Baby or Feminine themes. Filled with: Pirouline Chocolate Twists, Benne Cheese Zingers, Key Lime cookies Wine and Cheese biscuits, Smoked Almonds. Embellished with themed chocolates. Wine option at additional cost.Pretty and Pastel! Great for Baby, Spring, Easter, or Feminine Themes! Container in various pastel shades, filled with 2 kinds of Olde Colony Cookies, Northwood cheese 7 oz. stick, Large bag of Lindor Truffles, Rainbow Row Trail Mix, 3 Pepper...

Handmade and all natural soy candles inspired by the scents of the Low Country and artfully made by Shelby Lee of Charleston Bath Works.




"You're the Man!" Gift Basket Sweet Butterfly Gift Basket New Baby Gift Basket
"You're the Man!" Gift Basket"Sweet Butterfly" Gift BasketNew Baby Gift Basket
Make him feel special on a special day! Great gift for the Groom! 6 pack Palmetto Beer, A rich Merlot 1 Cheese Zingers Pimento Cheese Spread (will be substituted with processed cheese in shipped baskets) 1 Three Pepper Water crackers 1 Godiva...Have this one delivered to a place of employment and make everyone jealous! 1 J&M Chocolate Chip Cookies 1 Godiva Milk chocolate tablet bar, 1 Pirouline chocolate wafers 1 package chocolate starfish 1 Large bag Lindor truffles 1 Wine and...Make the blessed event even better with a little gift basket for baby aand snacks for the new Mom and Dad! 2 Old Colony Cookies 1 Wine Biscuits from Los Olivos 1 Large Truffles Tote 1 Olde Colony Cookies 1 Three Pepper Water crackers 1 cheese...




"Celebration" Gift Basket Plush Bears in Assorted Colors
"Celebration" Gift BasketPlush Bears in Assorted Colors
Send this gift basket to the most important folks on your list. Packaged for maximum gift giving impact! Great gift basket for any celebration! 1 Godiva Milk Chocolate Tablet Bar 1 Large Bag Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocolate Truffles 1 Wine and...

Colorful Bears in assorted colors-- 6 inches seated. Great in Baby, Birthday, or Romantic Baskets.